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So, I did it again – Solo Travel to Peru in May

So, I did it again – Solo Travel to Peru in May

It’s that time again. I believe that once a year, everyone should put themselves out there, outside of their comfort zone so they can grow, learn, see more of the world. And that’s the thing about me—once something sparks a seed of passion inside of me, I just go for it…no questions asked, even if it means doing it alone.

So, when I saw this YVR Deal showing Lima, Peru for $550, I jumped on that deal, and the thing about traveling solo, is you won’t have to confirm with anyone else what to do, where and when to go. The plan is to fly into Lima, then make my way to Cusco, and then take a bus to Machu Picchu. If I had more time, I would consider doing the Inca Trail hike and spend a few more days there. With a full time job and limited vacation days, this is all I can do for now.

For 3 days, I contemplated where I should go. On my bucket list, there are a few places…Thailand, Iceland, Venice, India…then the closer places, Miami, Montreal, Chicago. South America has not crossed my mind yet, but yet, I feel like something about it is drawing me to it.

Through food, I am allowed to connect with a different culture and see from a different perspective. That is exactly why I am a foodie…because that is the only way I can do it here and now, while staying within the vicinity of my home town.

My first exposure to Peruvian culture is when I visited San Francisco, or maybe when I was small and saw The Emperor’s New Groove.

I’ve had Peruvian food in San Francisco at a restaurant called SF Limon and also had it in Vancouver, at a restaurant called Chicha. The exposure to those foods, really piqued my interest. It is unlike the Chinese cuisine I grew up with, nor the westernized food I am used to, with a mix of Spanish, African, and Asian flavours.

Things I’d like to see in Peru:

  • Ancient Ruins
  • Lima is Peru’s Food Capital
  • Machu Picchu
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Amazon River
  • See a real rainforest
  • Pet llamas

So before then, I have to take a few Spanish classes, as the official language is in Spanish. And exchange my currency into Nuevo Sol.

I can’t wait until my adventure begins once I arrive at Jorge Chávez International Airport.

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