There is no idea too small; no journey too big.

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About Lesley

Welcome to my blog, where I try to be a typical food, life, travel blogger, but I’m really not.

I bring to you my life, where I share openly about my journey and thoughts about life and self discovery. Every food and travel blog post will be shared in the form of a story—a unique experience that’s closely tied to my personal life.

I hope you will laugh, cry, and feel enlightened by me as I tell you my discoveries and favourite moments. I promise you, you will, because everyone’s journey is unique and different.

I used to believe, that I want to be like every blogger out there, and live a very cookie-cutter type of life. I used to want to fit into the personality of that typical fashion, food, or travel blogger. I used to want to be prim and proper, and professional and well-spoken…and always politically correct.

Somewhere along the way, I figured I don’t want to be like everyone else. I’m not. And I’m proud.

 I’m the selfie queen sometimes, and I have blonde moments. I’m silly and a mix of the traditional Chinese woman—the result of being brought up in an Asian immigrant household—and the Cee Bee Cee (Canadian Born Chinese) personality who is completely westernized.