Solo trip to Europe in 5 days! 

So in 5 days, I’ll be heading to Europe on a solo adventure! I came across this the other day while on my first ever 40km bike ride and eating Creme brûlée at Crackle Creme in Chinatown, and I thought to myself “how befitting!” All my life, I’ve lived with the influence of expectations from others, whether it is school, family, friends, or significant others. 

I am in control of it now, and it’s never felt so exciting and frightening before, heading off to the world of unknown with no one to rely on but myself. Some may have traveled plenty of times alone and think it is no biggie, but this Eurotrip is definitely what I needed to signify this immense growth I’ve been experiencing in the last half year of just overcoming internal challenges, one after the other. I’ve come to realize that the only barrier to success and accomplishment is myself. The situation is never to blame, it’s your mindset that makes all the difference.

Can’t wait to put my new learnings to the test in 5 days… Counting down! 

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When life truly has meaning

Hello, to whomever is reading. I thought it would be most appropriate to start my blog by writing about life because before a chain of drastic changes had occurred in my life, nothing I did truly had meaning or passion, nor did I know what I stood for. I started a blog..a handful of times, but I never tied it to my personal passions and my posts never connected to my soul like it does today because I was nervous about telling the world my inner most fears and feelings.

LIFE. It is a funny word because everyone experiences life a little differently. For me, I never really started truly appreciating LIFE for what it is because I had a vision for how I thought my life would turn out and who I wanted to spend it with. But, when you’re thrown a series of curveballs and the people who matter to you, no longer matter, you’re forced to think…

How do you want to spend your life, so each and every moment is meaningful? How do you spend your life so that your happiness isn’t tied to your money, assets, people all of the time?

It took me a lot of self-reflection, some losses, some exploration, to realize that I’ve known this all along, but was afraid that I wasn’t being practical. Silly me, success in life to me isn’t measured by the amount of dollars I will have accumulated by the time I am on my deathbed.

Life’s greatest riches are found in the memories you share with your loved ones; the days you spend under the sun; the experiences you will have collected that makes your heart skip a beat and smile from ear to ear, the people you will have helped; traveling and always expanding our horizons because knowledge is power; and, being able to see from the point of view from someone from the other side of the world so you can be empathetic and love wholeheartedly, without judgement.

Someone important to me once asked me…”I don’t get it…why do you love to travel so much?” At that time, I was stumped… I knew I love being out and about, but why did I want to, was I abnormal? But as I continued on my journey, met people who loved travel as much as I do, I realize that it’s just part of my journey into growing up and finding my independence, like so many others before me. To me, travel is sharing a beautiful moment with those I love as we discover our limits and find things that connect us to each other.

So, that’s why I choose to write about travel, food, outdoors, and life. Because I want to share my joy, my triumphs, and failures. Because these things breathe life into my very soul, I want these things to inspire you to find your passions too. They make me truly live so that I can find my happiest self, learn about myself to the most intimate depths, and most importantly, at the end of my journey, I believe I will have become the BEST of me, leaving behind a legacy of which I am proud of.

The most important lesson I learned in the past few months is this: life never stops moving forward, so embrace the timing of your life, because everything happens for a reason.

Now, choose how you’d want to define your life.